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I like all kinds of books but like any reader, I have my own standards to pick what I call "the best" - i.e., what I like the best. One way to define that further is to call it a combination of style and substance.

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Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1

Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 - Bill Walker, Brian Anthony Abe Lincoln recovers from his assassination - 75 years later - and takes up with the Dillinger gang. Yes, it sounds preposterous. Yet the authors carry out the premise with convincing story, description, dialogue ... all the elements of good fiction. I was particularly impressed with the authentic language of the characters in the thirties, spiced with the cliches and jargon we know so well from films of that era (or our parents' aphorisms).

Mind you, this was not a deep book, just an entertaining read, an engaging personal portrayal of Honest Abe doing his best with the hand he's given. The prose is unspectacular, yet effective in moving the plot forward and keeping the reader's interest. If you're looking for a lighthearted adventure through American history, with touch of voodoo that makes all the difference, give this book a try.